Heart-shaped pendant with necklace, gold, peridot and half pearls, around 1880

Pendant 9 -carat gold (375/1000), with peridot (ca 0.5 Karat) in round cut and half pearls with a fitting necklace (750/1000).

Goldsmith: „W&Ss“ stamped, Walker & Sons, Birmingham, England
Stamped pendant 9ct, necklace 333/1000 gold
Measurements: 0,98 inch (2,5 cm) x 1,57 inch mit Anhängerschlaufe (4 cm)

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The fine elegant heart-shaped pendant consists of delicate lines and soft colors. It corresponds entirely to the sentimentality of the late Victorian period, more specific to the “Aesthetic Movement”.
The shape is encircled by leafy vines and flowers and thus already announces a new time.
Typical of the last quarter of the 19th century are also the use of seed beads as decoration elements and peridot as a characteristic stone in the Victorian times.

The oldest occurrence of peridot, known since ancient times, is off the Egyptian coast in the Red Sea, on the island Seberget (St. John’s Isle). Since Egypt was among British managed area during the reign of Victoria, peridot arrived in the motherland in fashion – as well peridot was a favorite stone of the fabled last pharaoh Cleopatra .

On the pendant are stamped the manufacturer “W & Ss” and “9ct”.
It is a work of goldsmith Walker & Sons from the Middle English Birmingham.
“9ct” match a fineness of 375/1000. The use of gold with fineness 9 Karat came on in England after 1875.

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