“Honeymoon” brooch, before 1900

Weight: 4,12 g
Material: 9 ct rose gold (375/000), tested; seed pearls and rubies.
Length: 3,5 cm
Condition: in perfect condition. Needling in perfect order, pearls and rubies complete.

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“Honeymoon” brooches like the piece offered here were very popular in England around 1900 – even Queen Elizabeth loved to wear them.
The combination of a crescent moon cradling a flower of this brooch is a rebus, or picture puzzle. Centrally depicted is the flower that provides the honey. It is framed by the crescent moon so in the motif can be read as honeymoon, which thus holds the sweetest promises for a young marital bliss. Especially in the late Victorian era around 1880/1890, these hidden messages were very popular, so that they were frequently worn for a lifetime. Here it is the unique exotic fuchsia that stands out with its bell-shaped petals and prominent stamens. This flower represents trusting love.