„Schlaraffia”-Ring for Art Connoisseurs, around 1950

Weight: 14,25 g
Material: 14-carat yellow gold (585/000), tested; 2 diamonds à 0,25 ct, SI/G (white).
Ring size: 62
Condition: impeccable and well-kept.

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This handcrafted unique piece of jewelry was set with 2 brilliant-cut diamonds – quarter carats each – in white gold settings, the head of the eagle owl chased in a very naturalistic way. The ring with the eagle owl’s head is above all the distinctive mark of the “Schlaraffia” – a society established in Prague in 1859 by penniless artists. The so-called Schlaraffians have chosen the eagle owl as their symbol of wisdom, humor and virtue. Schlaraffia is an international cultural society based on humor, conviviality and artistic creation. Schlaraffia was founded in. Its motto was “in arte voluptas,” which can be translated from Latin as “in art lies pleasure.” There is no connection to lodge societies, service clubs, student fraternities or carnival clubs and similar associations. A dissociation also exists from the National Socialists and the government of the GDR. A former member had this ring made in the 1950s. An extraordinary piece of jewelry!