Vase for orchids ‘Enceinte Luise’, 1950, Fritz Heidenreich, Rosenthal, Germany

Porcelain glazed seladon-green, asymmetrical, curved stomach-form with narrow neck, lip and diagonal handle, white.

Design: Fritz Heidenreich for „Kunstabteilung Rosenthal AG“ (`compartment for art´), 1950.
Manufacturer: Rosenthal AG, mod. no.: K2592, internal name: „Schwangere Luise“ (translated here “enceinte Luise”), 1950 to 1968 in production.
Marked: Stamp of the firm, underglazed green: Rosenthal Germany, Kunstabteilung Selb.
Measure: h. 6,8 inches (17,5 cm).

Condition: in perfect condition, no chips, no scratches.

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In the autumn 1950, the Rosenthal AG introduces the orchid-jug 2592 drafted by Fritz Heidenreich. The vase attained extraordinary popularity under the name „Schwangere Luise“ (“enceinte Luise”) taken over from the workers at Rosenthal. This vase caused an intensively led symmetry-asymmetry-discussion.

Not only, that a new form-idea for ceramics was born, it placed also a signal of the liberation of the ideological ballast and led exactly in the “The German Economic Miracle“.
The bulbous form helped to confirm the regained affluence and especially the popular “longing” seladon-green (named after the matt-green garment of the shepherd Seladon) attested, that the own apartment turned into a place of retreat.

The success of this vase and also this in the same year from Fritz Heidenreich drafted “vase with the seven faces” induced the Rosenthal AG in the following years to a strong expansion of the offer of asymmetrical objects.

Cp. et ib. Makus 1998, p.114; Hundert Jahre Porzellan, Hannover 1982, p.17.
Priceref: 1. Auction Quittenbaum Munich, 11.5.1998, lot 310, estimate 600DM.

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