Set of glasses „Greif“, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1952/23, Germany

Crystal glass, blow moulded, ground, facet-cut and polished by hand, massive, high foot.

Designer: Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1952/3,
Manufacurer: Glass factory Peill & Putzler, Düren, Germany, Model: “Greif,” internal No. 891/53, Honoured 1969 with the „Bundespreis Gute Form“ (federal-price “good form”).
Marked: with etched „P“.

Beaker: height: 3,0 inch (7,6 cm), diameter of the goblet: 2,7 inch (7 cm);
Cup for wine: h. 3,6″ (9,3 cm), d. 3,1″ (7,9 cm);
Cocktailglas: h. 2,8″ (7,2 cm), d. 2,9″ (7,4 cm);
Liquer glass: h. 2 ” (5,2 cm), d. 1,9 ” (5 cm);
Champagne bowl for sparkling wine: h. 3,9 ” (10 cm), d.: 4,7″ (12 cm)
Champagne cup: h. 2,1 ” (14,3 cm), d.: 4,5″ (11,5 cm)

In perfect state, no chips, no scratches.

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The formally new of this glass type is the attempt to give up the classic three-division of foot – handle – cup in favour of the production-technically simpler massive foot, which fulfils the griffin and stand-function simultaneously.
A series of attempts went ahead this ripe design in the years 1949/50.

The costly cut doesn’t serve alone the visual processing of the glass-form. The cup gets a surface, which affects the sense of touch more intensively, as this would be the case with a smooth glass.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld‘s designs put high requests at the glass-makers. The thin-walled glasses should not contain any stripes or inclusions. With exact technical drawings, Wagenfeld pretended the dimensions of the work to be manufactured. Strict controls secured the high craft-like level of the glass-quality.

The design falls into the time of the foundation of the Rat für Formgebung / German Design Council, in 1953. Many educational thoughts of Wilhelm Wagenfeld about the ethics of the form and the mass-product reappear in the foundation-concept.

Literature: Thomas Dexel; Trinkgefäße aus Glas in der Formsammlung der Stadt Braunschweig, Braunschweig 1978, p.79, i.73; 5[Fünf] Jahre Bundespreis Gute Form: Eine Ausstellung des Rates für Formgebung; Deutsches Museum München, 20. Juli bis 22. Sept. 1974, Darmstadt 1974; Kat. Bremen 1994 (index of his oeuvre), p.320, No. 308.

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