About Design20.eu

Design20.eu provides a German and English language trading platform for buyers and sellers of important 20th Century design objects.

We check and research every attribution on the basis of art historical sources according to recent scientific knowledge and we support our findings with a list of further literature and museum collections in a comprehensible way. The glossary explains technical terms, stylistic features and biographical data of designers and manufacturers. Please subscribe our newsletter and we keep you posted about newly arrived items.

Buyers can acquire the offered items at a fixed price with no additional or hidden costs. We authenticate every object with our safety label and deliver it with an expert’s report. We prepare all goods diligently for transport and deliver them to you insured within one week. Special arrangements regarding shipment can be met. Due to the rarity of the objects, we kindly request pre-payment.

Sellers can offer their goods on a commission basis. For each offer, the seller has to supply some details in a special form provided by us. We will examine the information given and the seller will receive a written confirmation by design20.eu. The contract between seller and design20.eu will only become legally binding after the seller has agreed once more to this letter of confirmation.

To present historical design objects in a dependable manner has been made a concept of Design20.eu in order to gain the trust of collectors on a long-term basis.


The objects on offer are certified by Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel.

Short biography:
Masters in history of art and economics, University of Hamburg, Germany.
Training program in the auction company Christie’s London.
Student of the “Christie’s Education Department”.
Doctoral degree at the Humboldt University at Berlin about twentieth-century design.
Scientific research and documentation for design collections.
Expertises for inheritances and guardianships, consultations and procurements in trade of art.

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