Powder box, silver, enamel, ca. 1950

Powder box, hand made, german silver, faceted mirror inside, lid in email-cloisonné,

Decor polychromatic, fond: red colours mat, tree trunk: black mat, Flowers and fruit as stylized circles and suns in various colours mat and shiny: turquoise, white, green, yellow, copper. Back: plain silver, hand-made.

Design and manufactured: Germany, around 1950.
Signed: inside stamped 15. modelnumber, no hint to manufacturer
Measure: diameter 3,5 inch, height 0,3 inch.

Condition: very good, very little usage traces corresponding the age, no chips, no scratsches.

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The presentation of the tree of life, the tree from the Garden of Eden whose fruit gave everlasting life becomes here a metaphor of creation, eternal life and beauty. The case will be acknowledged as a lasting companion of life.

In the thirties, the small factories in the town of Schwäbisch Gmünd for example Perli, Scholz und Lammel, in Pforzheim Kolmar and Jourdan, Theodor Fahrner, Gustav Braendle and Henkel & Grosse begun to produce enamelled jewellery and accessories. The nice handmade jewellery with the shiny colours was especially exported to France, Belgium, England and the USA.

The designs were Thirties modernity, using circles or rectangles of alternating colours. The pieces were hand-made and a step up artistically from the mass produced chrome and Bakelite lines. The fine metal works of the fifties let the old and new technologies of the enamels and the Bauhaus Design with rich colour-contrasts and geometrical figures revive with an easily changed colour-scale.

Cp. Deutsche und österreichische Schmuckarbeiten 1900-1960, 165. Auktion Ketterer, München 1991 u.a. For more information on request.

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