Casket, ca. 1910, Erhard & Söhne, Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany

Casket on a stepped rectangular stand, caskcover brassinlay and rosewood marquetry with stylized floral decor, interior lining red velvet.

Manufacturer: Erhard & Söhne in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany.
Marked at the bottom: stamp (lion-Aquamanile).
Measures: H. 5,8cm x B.13cm x T.9 cm
Material: brass, rosewood.

Condition: in all good, brass tarnished, little chip closed to the hinge, beside that marquetry and inlay in faultless condition, as well the interior lining. Key missing.

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Between 1904 and the twenties the already 1844 founded company Erhard & Söhne in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany attracted attention because of their outstanding design of arts and crafts products: marquetries and brassinlays, which technical quality of the materials is in the lasting connection, by being pressed together against a roughened metal. Erhard bought the patent from the inventors of the technology, Hugendubel and Theodor Bücher and won Bücher as an employee of the company.

The here offered casket combines a simple, functional design with playful, extremely well-crafted acting decoration: symmetrical, very cleverly composed endless cirrus, with trifoliate decor.

With the beginning of the global economic crisis the company was looking for alternatives to these costly decoration technique. The short production phase these incomparable, unique boxes was now replaced by laquerpainting due to low costs.

Cp. inventorycatalogue of the Bröhan-Museums issue VI, Metallkunst der Moderne, Berlin 2001, cat. p.140f., no. 110.
Bought caskets at Quittenbaum auction Munich 092 , lot 711, hammer 500 EUR; auction 102 lot 564, hammer 500 EUR; auction 105A, lot 764, hammer 500 EUR.

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