Thermos flask “Thermolord”, Wolfgang von Wersin, 1956/1958 for Erhard & Söhne

Oval silver-plated body, shared above the middle of isolation-ring; inset glas inside; cover with two-stage folding-mechanism; plug silicone.

Design: Wolfgang von Wersin, 1956/58.
Implementation and distribution: Metal Ware Factory Erhard & Söhne, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.
Marked: E with Lion-Aquamanile (for Erhard & Söhne), 0.25L, pat. pend. (Patent angemeldet), MADE IN GERMANY 4. At the inside of the grip numbered: 3 71.
Measure: Volume 0,25 l, 5,9 Inch high.

State: no tracks of use, but slight scratches.


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Since the 1920s, Wolfgang von Wersin (1882-1976) was responsible for the design of the products of the metal ware factory Erhard & Söhne in Schwäbisch Gmünd, like in the Deutschen Werkstätten Hellerau. His design-work was interrupted by the World War II, then picked up 1938 again until 1959. With the thermos flask Wersin succeeded in the area of the metalworking. He began with the planning in the year 1956. The clear balanced form correspond not only the optical reception of individual parts of the mug but also the production-technical necessities. The ideals of the German Werkbund (membership since 1913) are represented here in the best way. Since 1975, the mug is copieed through other companies.

References: Münchner Stadtmuseum Inv.Nr. K91/43; Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge Berlin; Alfred Ziffer: Wolfgang von Wersin 1882-1976, Vom Kunstgewerbe zur Industrieform, München 1991, p.178, MT261.

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