Now and forever! Snake ring, rose gold with diamonds, around 1880/90

Weight: 3,5 g

Material: 14 ct rose gold (585/000, marked); 2 old-cut diamonds, each 0,1 ct, total 0,2 ct.

Ring size: 62

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This ring is adorned with two snakes coming from different directions and intertwining with each other infinitely in a figure eight. This design follows an ancient pictorial symbol – the ouroborus: a snake that forms a circle with its body and bites its own tail, thus consuming itself and forming a closed circle. This ring is adorned by two snakes at once, which are inseparable while following the cycle of life.

In the 19th century, the snake was considered both as an amulet warding off evil, as well as a talisman, a bringer of good luck, as well as a symbol of never-ending love. Here the profession of love could hardly be more beautiful!

Snake jewelry became popular under Queen Victoria. At her first public appearance after her coronation in 1837, the queen wore snake jewelry on her arm, while in 1839 Prince Albert gave her a snake ring set with emeralds and diamonds for her engagement. This preference was quickly adopted by the ladies of the European high nobility, who wore snakes as brooches, bangles or bracelets, as necklaces and as finger rings. Nowadays, however, antique snake rings from around 1880/90 have become a rarity.

The ring offered here is made of 585/000 rose gold, weighs 3,5 g and both snake heads are embellished with a fiery old-cut diamond. We will be happy to change the ring for you in the appropriate size.

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