Full Dutch rose, ca. 2 ct, 1780

Weight: 5 g
Material: 18-karat gold (750/000); rose-cut diamond ca. 2 cts, 9,2 mm, entourage of 16 diamonds à 0,02ct, together, ca, 2,3 cts.
Ring size: 56

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A ring with a delicate, fluted hoop and classically shanked ring shoulder with a large rose diamond in the center (diameter 9.2 mm) with an entourage of faceted diamonds. The ring was crafted in 18k gold, the diamonds braced in silver by pinched architraves so as not to distort the brilliance of the stones. The back is closed by a driven out, radially ridged basket. The ring is to be dated around 1780/1800 – the late Georgian period – which was coined throughout Europe by England’s King George III.
Jewelry from this period was handcrafted very elaborately from individually chased metal pieces. Here, the center stone was cut with 24 facets as a “full Dutch rose”. This suggests a Dutch origin of the ring and indeed it was also re-stamped there in the 2nd half of the 20th century.
In the 18th century, jewelry with diamond roses remained reserved only for the courtly society. They fascinate in evening candlelight and sparkle fiery and multicolored. To enhance this effect, shimmering foils were inserted so that the reflections dance across the stone in all the colors of the rainbow.