Bracelet “brickwork”, Jakob Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, Germany, 1931

Brass chromium plated; partly lacquered in two colors; bolt-ring.

Manufacture: Jakob Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, Germany, 1931.
Measure: Armband: L.6,7“ cm (mit Verschluss: 7,9“), B. 1,6“

Condition: very good, no fractures, no discoloration, no abrasion of chrome plating.

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The model or pattern design is displayed in one of the pattern books, which appears just some time ago. There jewellery made of metal revealed incredible creativity and a sensitive awareness of the Zeitgeist and the new woman who was now emerging.

The “masonry” or “brickwork” is composed of flat, rounded or semi-rounded solid rather than meshwork links which are interlinked in such a way that a brickwork effect is created. The metal rods are added as large links at the center.

The strikingly distinctive jewellery is obviously influenced by the formal idiom of the Bauhaus avant-garde, with its elements borrowed from geometry, trigonometry and the aesthetic of the machine, did not surface in production at Bengel until after 1930.

Jakob Bengel is rightly regarded as one of the leading representatives of the sector. A comprehensive work on the firm accompanied sucessful exhibitions: Christianne Weber-Stöber: Art Déco-Schmuck Jacob Bengel, Idar-Oberstein und Wilhelm Lindemann (Hg.): Bengel Art Déco Schmuck und Industrie-Denkmal, Idar-Oberstein, Stuttgart 2007.
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Lit.: Patternbook Bd.IX, S.51, M-Nr.18.515, 24.8.31.
Listed in: Weber 2002, p.104, i.06.
Priceref.: von Zezschwitz München, Auction 66, 15.4.2011, Lot 400, Taxe 180€ without commission.

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