Island with palm trees and elefant, Catalin, New York, 1930s

Design by Stanislaw Kucharczyk, New York, 1930s.
Measure: 9″h. (23 cm), base 3,2″ d. (8,2 cm)

Condition: Excellent condition

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Catalin is a cast bakelite product, with a different manufacturing process than other types of bakelite resins. Catalin is transparent, near colourless, rather than opaque, brown, so unlike other bakelite phenolics it can be dyed bright colours or even marbled.

Different colours and effects are presented here. The base of the island is marbled and imitates amber. The boles of the palm trees have an intense, uniform, opaque, red, the steps are pressed, as well as the little, ivory coloured, fine moulded elephant. The colour of the leaves has transparent bright green (green apple). They are cast into the mould and exactly carved.

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