Necklace, plastic, Pop Art, ca. 1965

Light green, faceted plastic beads, arranged to six, hook and extension-chain made of brass, pendants on both sides, alternate, light green beads, red drops, bugle beads and discs, all linked.

Manufacturer: unknown, unsigned.
Measurements: Length of the necklace with hook 15,4” (39 cm),
plus extension of 2,4” (6 cm),
length of the pendants, each 4,9” (12,5 cm).

Condition: pristine and fully

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Compared with other decades the 20s were more or less without care, the 30s were the era of depression, the 40s the time of war and reconstruction, the 50s the era of prosperity and conformity, while the 60s especially brought profound social changes.

Hippie movement and Pop Art leads to a spectacular development in the fashion.

Screaming designs and colours and new plastics mediated the unlimited freedom and the feeling of fun. The plastic collier moves like a mobile of Alexander Calder. Spherical slices and spirals were the favourite motifs of the Swinging Sixties.

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