Twig Brooch with Two Hazelnuts for Your Sweetheart

Weight: 17.56 g
Material: 14 ct yellow gold (585/000), tiger’s eye, jade nephrite.
Dimensions: 4,5 x 5 cm
In perfect condition.

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The fruit of the common hazel is oval to heart-shaped in form, approx. 15 mm long and 8 mm wide. The leaves are roundish with a short tip, somewhat asymmetrical, and again heart-shaped. Botanists speak of a double serrated leaf edge. The fruit stalks sit on relatively short leaf stalks.
This brooch resembles the botanical model down to the last detail. The tiger’s eye – the microcrystalline, golden-brown to golden-yellow striped variety of the mineral quartz– imitates the coloring of the ripening, hard-shelled, seductive nut faithfully and beautifully. The two nuts are embedded in their fruit shells made of 14 k gold with a chased surface that is modeled on the growth striation. Their leaves are cut from jade nephrite with a translucent color gradient. Therein, this brooch is deceptively similar to the original. It is seductive and enchanting.

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