Gold necklace with May green blossom

Weight: 24.15 g
Length: 42 cm (necklace)
Material: 18 ct yellow gold (750/000), marked; cut emerald, 15 ct, 4 brilliant-cut diamonds, total 0.2 ct.
Condition: impeccable.

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The blossom is cut in a 15 ct translucent emerald, fully engraved in high cut on the upper and the underside. It is embedded in a rich 18k gold setting with 0.2 ct of four diamonds. This design of the erratic boulder is reminiscent of a unique flower, intertwined in a climbing network of gold veins, wetted by fresh drops of dew. The transition to the chain is particularly successful. It is crafted as a cord, which merges imperceptibly into a diamond-plated, corded anchor chain.
This necklace is a recent goldsmith’s work, a unique piece with a remarkable emerald.