Light Yellow Brilliant, 2.36 ct, untreated

Weight: 2,36 ct

Cut: brilliant.

Clarity: VVS 2 (very, very small inclusions).

Color: P-R (very light yellow/ tinted yellow).

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The term “brilliant” refers exclusively to round diamonds in the brilliant cut. Strictly speaking, the brilliant is a standardized cut. By now, this cut is so closely associated with the mineral diamond that diamonds are often referred to as “brilliants” these days. The beauty of the brilliant diamond lies in its excellent optical properties, especially in its high light refraction and its color dispersion. The brilliant cut impressively emphasizes these properties, because it is only in the cut state that all those factors come to the fore in a diamond which, in optimal coordination with each other, bring about the highest degree of brilliance.

With outstanding clarity, the diamond offered here achieves a maximum of brilliance. Its yellowish hue can surely compete with a “fancy” yellow diamond.

With the purchase of the diamond, you will receive a one-hour introduction to the subject of diamond grading by Dr. Rezepa-Zabel, as well as an explanation of pricing. If requested, you will also receive advice on how the diamond could be ideally staged for you. Also, if desired, you will receive a voucher for the introductory session for Christmas.

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