Solitaire Ring with Diamond, ca. 1,5 ct, 1980s

Weight: 4,66 g

Marked: Austrian control mark “Elefant 3”, used from 1922 onwards.

Material: 18 ct gold (750/000); brilliant cut diamond, ca. 1,5 ct, white (H), small inclusions (SI 1).

Ring size: 55

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The solitaire, the name deriving from the French word “solitaire” for loner, is the classic love token for the “only” chosen person, symbolizing the strongest connection.

Meanwhile a brilliant is a term that describes the cut of a diamond that guarantees the highest light yield and against which all other cuts must measure up. It was developed around 1910 from the Old European Cut of the previous century, is circular and is characterized by 32 facets plus table in the upper part and 24 facets in the lower part, thus by 57 facets in total. The brilliant offered here has the color grade “H” for “white”, according to the older designation “Wesselton”, and shows a clarity with a barely visible inclusion under the table.

This ring with a forged ring band and delicately fluted shoulder, clearly highlights the brilliant diamond with its simple setting. The band securely encloses the stone, it is slightly tapered in design and in this visually recedes. This design secures the stone even under increased stress and can also be worn in combination with other rings.

A viewing is possible in Berlin. Together with the purchase, Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel is happy to introduce any buyer to diamond grading.

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