Gold pendant with horseshoe and snake motif, around 1880

Dimensions: 27 mm x 28 mm (pendant); 6.8 mm (chain loop).

Weight: 9 g

Material: 14 ct rosé gold (585/000); old-cut diamond, 0.1 ct, white/VS.

Provenance: Austria, marked A for Vienna, fox mark with 4 for 14 ct gold (1872-1922), goldsmith mark “SR”.

In pristine condition.

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A horseshoe brings good luck, and if it is open downwards, luck flows to you. Additionally, the snake is also a traditional sign of luck. Representing renewal and change, it repels all evil, just like the horseshoe. Moreover, it protects the family, the newborn and the house. In the pendant offered here, the snake winds around itself in the shape of the lying eight (∞) – a mathematical sign symbolizing infinity. The old-cut diamond, with which the head of the snake is adorned, shines finely and shows a beautiful fire. It represents power and strength. Thus, in a charming way, this amulet combines luck, protection, and strength.

Jewelry with snake motifs gained great popularity in the 19th century and was often gifted as a token of love, well-guarding and protecting the giver’s eternal love.

The antique chain in an angular anchor pattern is not included in the offer but can be purchased together with the pendant. It measures 78 cm in length and weighs 7.72 g. It comes in the same shade of rosé gold as the pendant, also in 14 ct gold (585/000). The snap hook has been renewed, also in 585/000 gold. It is in impeccable condition. The chain sells for 820 €; pendant and chain together for 1770 €.


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Fritz Falk: Serpentina. Die Schlange im Schmuck der Welt, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, 26.11.2011–26.2.2012, Stuttgart 2011.

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