Sintrax, handle, Wilhelm Wagenfeld 1932 for Jenaer Glas/ Germany.

Manufacturing: Jenaer Glaswerke Schott & Gen., Jena, 1932-39.
Design: handle: Wilhelm Wagenfeld 1932.
Material: ebony, circlip steel.
Measure: length: 6,6 inch (16,8 cm).

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Sintrax is the trade name for the coffee machines made by Jenaer Glas since 1925 until 1968  – basically a household-fit laboratory apparatus made of refractory Borosilicate glass, that displays the process of coffee making. The name Sintrax is a portmanteau of the words sintering and extract. The type of coffeemaker is already used since the 19 th century, but the new innovation was the utilization of the refractory glass, invented by Otto Schott 1887, just used for laboratory apparatus.

The here offered handle is designed in 1932 by the Bauhaus-pupil Wilhelm Wagenfeld for the first Sintrax designed by the Bauhaus-master Gerhard Marcks in 1925.
The Sintrax received the new handle to reduce – in the meaning of Erich Schott – significantly the “top-heaviness”. Instead of the U- curved handle from Marcks, the Sintrax was marked by a simple, horizontal wooden handle, which has become a special feature of this legendary percolator and also the Bauhaus design.

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