Table „Ess.Tee.Tisch“, Jürg Bally, 1951, Zürich, Switzerland

Design: Jürg Bally (born 1923), 1951,
Named: „Ess.Tee.Tisch“, official terminus: “Aufzugtisch” (transl. adjustable table)
Manufacturer: Werkgenossenschaft Wohnhilfe Zürich, Switzerland,
Material: Table oak laminate, legs maple work a lathe, metal mechanism.
Dimensions: variable height 12,6“ -29,5“x 39“.

Condition: in all good, original with tracks of use. The mechanism is from constructive reasons difficult to handle.

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The ‘ess.tee.tisch’ is the acronym for eat and tea table and implies also ‘est’hetic. The table is adjustable (7 different positions). Therefore, it can be used as dining and coffee/tea table.

Jürg Bally produced the model until 1954, later to approx. 1968 the Werkgenossenschaft Wohnhilfe Zurich, Switzerland.

In 1955 the ‘ess.tee.tisch’ was awarded with ‘Die gute Form’ predicate (translated here: “the good form”). This prize awarded the Swiss Werkbund between 1952 and 1969 annually. Since 1953 the prize was even registered as a trademark.

A decade after the start of the 2nd World War the “good form” was an important signal for the transnational oriented forces, who demanded the reconstruction of the devastated Europe in the right creative way. The criterions were economics and formal means, functionality, sophisticated and longevity of the products and waiving status symbols. In short form: an outward appearance of the products, unobtrusive, but selfconfident, modern, but not modish, which express the inner harmony of the object.

Cp. continuing: Mia Seeger: Die Gute Form SWB, in: Werk und Zeit, Monatszeitung des Deutschen Werkbundes, 1955, No.7; Peter Erni: Die gute Form. Eine Aktion des Schweizerischen Werkbundes. Documentation and Interpretation, Zürich 1983.

In: Designsammlung des Museums für Gestaltung, Zürich/ Züricher Hochschule der Künste, Archive no: 1998-0201.

Price references: Von Zezschwitz München, Auktion 53 , 09.06.2009, Lot 43, estimate 1100€, hammer 1400€.
Artcurial Paris, Auction Design et „Swiss Made“, 16.6.2009, Lot 336, estimate 2500-3500€.

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