Glass Block “Aquarium”, Gino Cenedese, Murano, around 1960

Design: Gino Cenedese

Execution: Ars Cenedese Murano, around 1960.

Material: white Glass with polychrome glass meltings.

Dimensions: height 10 cm (4”), length 11,8 cm (4,6”), width 3,2 cm (1,3”).

Condition: very good. Minimal traces of wear.

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Murano born glass artist Gino Cenedese (1907-1973) started his career at the well-established Venetian glass foundry MVM Cappellin, where many of the most important glass artists of their time like Paolo Venini, Giacomo Cappellin, Vittorio Zecchin and Carlo Scarpa came together. In 1946, Cenedese founded his own manufactory Ars Cenedese Murano. The foundry produced all sorts of glass objects in traditional forms and bright colors. Apart from that Cenedese promoted artistic glass designs which drew upon Modern Art and commissioned plenty of well-renowned artists and designers.

Among these artists was also the painter Riccardo Licata (1929-2014), who designed the first “Aquariums” for Ars Cenedese Murano in 1952. His design focused on a block of white glass, constructed by two layers between which colorful glass meltings depict diverse, abstract underwater sceneries with fish and algae. Throughout the 1950s, the manufactory was internationally known particularly for their colorful “Aquariums”, while in every piece the glass meltings depict a unique scene. The “Aquarium” offered here features one single fish with red and white stripes and long and floating fins surrounded by a kelp forest, which rises up vertically and diagonally. It really pictures a snapshot of movement!

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