Tray for Glasses, England, 1950s

Execution: Cutlers Company 1836.

Dimensions: 38,5 cm (15,2“) x 24,5 cm (9,6“)

Material: nickel silver, hard silver plated.

Marked: on the underside, ‘Corporate Mark, Granted by Cutlers Company 1836, Alpha Plate, Viners of Sheffield, England, Chased’.

Condition: No dents, a few superficial scratches.

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This oval tray with an open-work gallery was manufactured in the English town of Sheffield by “Cutlers’ Company 1836”. Behind this name stood a trading community of several silversmiths from Sheffield who particularly followed French models. This is also evident in the tray offered here. The gallery in particular reminds in style of the French Empire with its cord edge and strict squaring. The shelf space is extensively decorated with an engraved garden-like acanthus ornament with a shell and lattice work; the center is left blank.


The tray is well-wrought in function. The bordure prevents the glasses from slipping off while the engraving ensures that they will not stick to the tray even when wet.

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