Sauce-jug „Soser“ Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1932 for Jenaer Glas, Germany

Design: Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1932.
Manufacturer: Jenaer Glaswerk Schott& Gen., Mainz, around 1952
Mark: marked at the bottom of the saucer and the jug: square with the circle mark (Schott & Gen. Mainz) and the letters “Jenaer Glas” with a little superscript „er“.
Material: colorless, refractory Borosilicate glass.
Measures: height 2,3 inch (58 mm), diameter saucer 4,2 inch (106 mm).

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Since the end of 1910 „Jenaer Glas“ produced utilitarian borosilicate glasses  for household according to the model of the American “Pyrex” from Corning Glass Works.
The first factory designs for glass had awakened the interest of Walter Gropius at the Bauhaus in Weimar, and then they were issued for the students and discussed. In this context, the Bauhaus attracted the attention of Erich Schott on needed improvements and from 1925 on there was a successful collaboration with artists of the Bauhaus.
The beginning of the redesign of the Jenaer glasses was the draft of the Sintrax coffee-machine by Gerhard Marcks in 1925. Between 1931 and 1935 further 23 drafts were followed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, beneath the here offered „Soser“. In his designs, Wagenfeld put great value on a high degree of functionality and the transparent aesthetics. A special mark of Wagenfeld was the squeezed handles, bent this way that you don’t come in touch with the hot wall.

In: Glaskunst 1889-1939, vol. VII Bröhan Museum Berlin, p.614, no. 406. catalogue  raisonné  „Täglich in der Hand“, Industrieformen von Wilhelm Wagenfeld aus sechs Jahrzehnten, Bremen 1994, p.96, im.44, p.306, no. 64; Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 50 Jahre Mitarbeit in den Fabriken, Ausstellung des Kunstgewerbemuseums der Stadt Köln 1973, p.29, no. 64.

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