Mustard pot, Richard Riemerschmid 1902 for R. Merkelbach, Grenzhausen, Germany

Vessel and lid stoneware, hinge of tin. Grey body, glazed with painted decoration cobalt blue and pewter. Spoon from his time, celluloid.

Vessel in different tones! The clay is slightly ochre and grey (for comparison, see images) and the opening for the spoon is located beside and ahead.

Designer: Richard Riemerschmid, 1902.
Manufacturer: Reinhold Merkelbach, Grenzhausen, Westerwald, Germany (established 1845), Internal Mdno. 1730, produced since 1904 to 1930th.
Marked: part of an “M” (impressed).
Measure: h. 3,5 inch (9cm), capacity: 0,18 (100ml).

Condition: All in very good state of preservation. No scratches, no chips.

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Richard Riemerschmid is one of the greatest german designers of the twentieth century and the leading representative of the “functionalist” wing of Munich Jugendstil, was a native of the city. His views came to dominate the design establishment. His name is especially associated with stoneware manufactured in the Westerwald, which drew the highest praise from critics and soon began to be produced in series.

This vessel on three legs belongs to his early ceramic works. It has a spherical body ornamented in a pattern of offset, rounded bubbles. Riemerschmid’s designs emerged from his own experiments at the potter’s wheel, adapted age-old techniques to modern production methods; they featured solid forms derived from the properties of the material and simple patterns in traditional colors.

The vessel’s basic spherical form, balanced on three angled feet, is reminiscent of metalwork designed in the 1880s by Christopher Dresser, with whose work Riemerschmid was surely acquainted (see C. Dresser: Principles of Decorative Design, London n.d. 1873, figs.146-47 and London Camden Arts Center; Christopher Dresser 1834-1904, 1979, nos.51,67-69).

Lit.: Joseph August Lux: Die Geschmack im Alltag, Dresden 1908, Abb. S.87; Deutsches Warenbuch, Dürerbund-Werkbund-Genossenschaft, Hellerau bei Dreden o.J. (1915), S.103, K320.
Furthermore: H. Rezepa-Zabel: Richard Riemerschmid, in: Sammler Journal, October 2013, p.26-34.

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