Sled with steering wheel, two-man bobsled, 1920s and 1930s

With control or flexible mechanism made of steel at the bottom of the battenseat, oak, solid wood, bolted together, with iron cladding, steering wheel, painted red.

Manufacturer: Pasant, around 1920 and 1930.
Seat with manufacturer mark „Pasant”.
Length of the skids 60,63 inch (154 cm),
Distance between the skids 19,3 inch (49 cm).

With tracks of use.

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It is a two-man sled, which is often also known as bobsled, because they also went on national championships in the 1920s. Since 1911, the active were organized in the “Deutschen Rodelbund” (DRB). A new organization with more specialization brought only the effects of the Second World War. Afterwards bob, sled and skeleton were summarized to the “Deutschen Bob- und Schlittensportverband (DBSV)”. The GDR founded the “Deutsche Schlitten- und Bobsportverband“.

The type of the here offered sled came around 1900 on the slopes and it was built in Germany until the end of the 1980s of the last century at least still in Thuringia/Schmalkalden.

There were two basic shapes from the beginning and driven in Garmisch-Spartenkirchen at the Olympic Wintergames in 1936. The one had two continuous but flexible skids, the other type had shared skids, and was steered on a flexible mechanism made of steel.

The brake was a sort of a „rake”, which was attached at the right and left hand side of the rear skids and was operated by the person behind.

This is similar to the heavy Bob in the ice channel and is still functioning in the history of the sledges. But in contrast to the bob with rope control the sleds have always a wheel control.

Cp. the models in: Illustrierter Hauptkatalog 1912, August Stukenbrok Einbeck 1912, Nachdr. Hildesheim, Zürich, New York 1996. Preisbuch 1913/14 Wintersportartikel von Greif & Schlick, Coburg, S.7 u.a. postcards 1924 and 1929 (see im.).
„Vom Lenkrodel“, in: „Der Winter“, issue march 1924.
The German Olympic model from 1936 is shown in the “Skihütte” Lietzenburger Str., Berlin/Germany.


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