Gold Pendant with Aquamarine, Hans Stern Düsseldorf, 1996

Weight: 8,61g (pendant), 3,8g (necklace)

Aquamarine: 18,19 ct; 19,05 x 14,91 x 8,68 mm; origin: Brazil.

Diamonds: 2 brilliants, ca. 0,12 ct, 4 brilliants, ca. 0,21 ct, brilliants 013 ct, together ca. 0,46 ct, white, VSI.

Setting: 18 ct white gold (750/000).

Dimensions of pendant: 29,3 x 18,9 mm


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An aquamarine solitaire ring in very fine quality and in a rich and even ocean blue color. The aquamarine is clear and transparent in a step cut, eyeclean, untreated and intense in color. And indeed, it seems to capture the color of the ocean! This comes as no surprise since according to legend aquamarines are a well-kept treasure of mermaids, which is why they are also considered a sailor’s lucky charm. Its name derives from its color: aqua = water and mare = sea. Back in the day, the stone was considered a love token which promised everlasting love and a happy marriage.

Aquamarines from Brazil are characterized not only by their size but especially by their splendid blues. However, every stone is unique in its shade! Cf. pendant with aquamarine in lively color, Hans Stern Düsseldorf, 1996.

This jewel is particularly well-kept and doesn’t show any traces of wear.

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