Entourage-Ring with Burmese Ruby and Brilliants, around 1970

Ruby: 1,5 ct.

Dimensions: 9,12 x 5,80 x 3,76 mm.

Origin: Burma (Myanmar), natural, no indications of heating, DSEF Gemstone Report.

Brilliants: river/if, 10 x 0,1 ct.

Band: 18 ct. white gold (750/000).

Weight: 7,34 g

Dimensions (Head): 1,75 x 1,34 cm.

Ring Size: 52

Condition: impeccable.


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Which shade of red is the prettiest? The shade of this gemstone! The intensive Pigeon Blood of a Burmese ruby is the ultimate luxury category. This stone shows the very rare, sought-after color only found in the renowned deposits in Burma, in what is today Myanmar. Close to the city of Mogok in a high mountain valley – the “Valley of Rubies” – are located Myanmar’s famous ruby deposits which have been known for centuries. The Pigeon Blood shade sparkles very lively and holds a unique vibrancy which is exactly why it is valued above all other shades of red.

The Burmese ruby offered here is natural and shows no indications of heating. The entourage of ten flawless brilliants weighs no less then 1 ct and could not have been better chosen. The classic, blossomy arrangement is very flattering to the finger while due to the angular band the ring will not turn between the fingers.

The ruby has been examined and certified by the DSEF (German Gem Lab). The ring will be shipped together with the gemstone report and in a jewelry box. It is possible to inspect it any time in Berlin, Germany. Additionally, Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel is happy to assist any interested buyer.

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