Earrings with Yellow Sapphires, Art Déco, France, 1920s

Weight: 9 g
Length: 5.8 cm
Material: 18 ct yellow gold (750/000), platinum (950/000), tested; two sapphires, yellow, natural, 7.76 cts and 9.52 cts; brilliant-cut diamonds and rose-cut diamonds together approx. 0.5 ct; cut onyx.
DSEF-report (German Foundation for Gemstone Research).

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Long drop earrings with fine gemstones are undoubtedly the most beautiful jewelry for the evening! They flatter the face and follow the movements with the utmost elegance and sensuality. With a length of approx. 6 cm and a weight of 4.5 g per ear, these earrings create movements that empathize with the wearer and fill her with grace.
The suspension point, set with diamonds, is located directly on the bridge and is closed at the back by a wide mechanical ear nut. The connection to the pendulum is crafted to provide just the right balance between flexibility and vertical guidance. Delicate diamonds and circles, each set with diamonds, line up with invisible connections. At their ends, two lancet-shaped leaves, with an onyx cut into their open tip, hold fine, intensely luminous, antique-cut yellow sapphires with extreme delicacy. The crown settings, cut and engraved in the highest art of setting, nestle against the stones in such a way that they remain invisible from the front and do not detract from the fire of the sapphires.
The fine, intensely shining yellow sapphires of the same color are heart-warming – like the sun at the golden hour. The colors here are natural and not the result of temperature treatment or other processes (confirmed by laboratory tests by the DSEF, Idar-Oberstein). This is French Art Déco of the 1920s at its best! This quality is still unsurpassed today, both in the technical execution and in the selection of natural gemstones. As the high level of goldsmithing proved to be unprofitable over the decades, this sophistication was lost. It can still be admired here.

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