Claddagh ring, 1975

Weight: 2,13 g
Material: 9-karat yellow gold (375/000), stamped, goldsmith mark SD, with convention mark.
Ring size: 57
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Two hands hold a crowned heart with an emerald green heart-shaped cut colored stone. The wrists are adorned by brilliant cut cuffs. The ring symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship. This so-called Claddagh ring is one of the most famous Irish symbols and deeply rooted in Irish cultural tradition. The term is pronounced klad-ah, Irish “fáinne Chladaigh”.
The inventor of such rings was Irishman Joyce, who had learned how to work precious metals in Algerian captivity. In 1689 he returned to Ireland and worked as a goldsmith in Galway until 1730. Joyce gave the ring the name of the village of Claddagh, today the fishing district of Galway, where the fishermen used to wear his rings with the distinct motif. By the mid-19th century, these rings were worn throughout Ireland and were particularly popular as a wedding rings in Galway Bay. These rings are treasured as heirlooms. The first daughter to marry receives the ring from her mother.