Candlestand “Florida”, Heinrich Löffelhardt, Zwiesel, Germany, 1970

Transparent green glass with overlay of clear-glass, blown in the form, above with hollow for the candle, from indoors stabbed blisters, cut stand and polished surface.

Manufacturer: Vereinigte Farbenglaswerke, Zwiesel.
Design: Heinrich Löffelhardt und Atelier Farbenglaswerke, around 1970. No mark.
Measure: 3,15 ” h (8 cm).

Condition: best condition, without scratches, without calcifications.

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Lit.: Cp. Hundert Jahre Glas aus Zwiesel, in: Schaulade, Oktober 1970, p.1666-1670; Judith Miller: Glas des 20. Jahrhunderts, Starnberg 2005, fig.p.37.

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