Midgard big wall light, Curt Fischer, 1920/1925, Industriewerke Auma, Thüringen, Germany

Parabolic reflector, black lacquered, three joints with locking, inside of the reflector white lacquered, aluminium and tubular steel, attachment to the wall. All parts original, installation of cables new. Rare Model!

Design: Curt Fischer, ca. 1920-25.
Manufacture: Industriewerke Auma, Ronneberger & Fischer, Auma in Thüringen.
Mark: brand on the chromed agrafe, signature on the first joint.
Measures: Length max. 50 inch, diameter reflector 6,3 inch.
Maße: max. Länge 125 cm, Durchmesser Schirm 16 cm.

Condition: Generally very good, tracks of use depending on the age, no dents. Working.

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In Auma the engineer Curt Fischer developed already 1920 a movable wall light.

His uncompromising design is especially striking fort he non-dazzle parabolic reflector and the mechanism of the arm, which enabled the light to be adjusted to almost any angle. That was decisive for the repositioning of the firm to the Midgard company.

The Midgard task light must have provided an important model fort he skilled artisans in the Bauhaus’s metal workshop in Dessau when, in 1925 they set about developing modern lighting fixtures.

With the invention of all sides mobile task light, Fischer developed as one of the first the idea of the so-called guidable light – still before the famous drafts of Christian Dell or Marianne Brandt.

The multifunctional task light with an arched metal tubular was part of the furniture and fittings at the Weimar Bauhaus  and is known to have been used in the living room of the Master’s house occupied by Ilse und Walter Gropius at the Dessau Bauhaus. Very rarely is its counterpart with arm in the form of scissors.

Lit.. Die Metallwerkstatt am Bauhaus, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin 1992, p.101, im. 129; Wilhelm Lotz: Wie richte ich meine Wohnung ein? Berlin 1930, p.61; Deutsche Warenkunde, Warengruppe 04/02, Blatt 32 and 33, Warengruppe 04/04, Blatt 10 and 11, 1940. Als Entwerfer der ‚Midgard’ Lampen, deren „Grundformen…vor etwas 17 Jahren geschaffen wurden“, nennt die Deutsche Warenkunde Curt Fischer.
Priceref.: Quittenbaum München, Auction 66, Lot 194, estimate 700.

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