Gediegenes Gerät fürs Haus, Hellerau, Germany 1912

Very rare and complete original edition, with attachment papers and fully illustrations for more than 1000 objects, furnishing and commodities, handicraft.

Complete title: Gediegenes Gerät fürs Haus, Ein erster Versuch, zu beziehen durch die Gemeinnützige Vertriebsstelle deutscher Qualitätsarbeit G.m.b.H., Dresden-Hellerau, o.J. (1912), 160 S..
Measures: 123,6 x 92,12 inch (31,4 x 23,4 cm).

In all very good, binding complete, cover slightly spotty, little buckles.

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The here offered catalogue is the extremely rare forerunner of the „Deutsches Warenbuch“, edited in 1915, as it says „the first shot“ of the “Deutscher Werkbund” to bring out a „Baedecker for commercial Germany”. It was edited in October 1912 by the „Gemeinnützige Vertriebsstelle deutscher Qualitätsarbeit“ and the „Dürerbund-Werkbund-Genossenschaft which was specifically founded by the purpose to connect the education of taste with the offer to buy best quality furnishing shown.

Furthermore about the significance and chronology of the distribution agency in Hellerau to the Dürerbund-Werkbund-Genossenschaft see: Deutsches Warenbuch. Reprint und Dokumentation, Berlin 2005, p.52ff..

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