Brilliant Ring with One Carat Diamond, DPL Report, Italy, 1980s

Weight: 9,51 g
Material: 18 ct. yellow gold (750/000); brilliant cut diamond, 1.038 ct, tinted (M, very light yellow), small inclusions at the edge, not visible in the setting (SI 1), report dated 10.11.22 Diamantprüflabor Idar-Oberstein.
Marked: Goldsmith Mark from Bolzano, Italy, 1980s.
Ring size: 56

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The solitaire, as a true one carat, whose name comes from the French word for loner, is the classic love ring for the “one and only” chosen person, with whom the strongest bond is symbolized.
The brilliant cut is the cut that guarantees the highest light yield of a diamond and against which all other cuts must be measured. It was developed around 1910 from the old European cut of the previous century, and is circular in shape with 32 facets plus table in the upper part and 24 facets in the lower part, thus 57 facets in total. The brilliant offered here is graded “M” for “tinted white” in color, according to old designation “Cape” and with SI 1 a clarity with an inclusion at the edge not visible in the setting.
This solid 18 ct yellow gold ring provides the diamond with an environment of warm coloration. The twisted features worked into the ring nestle smoothly and without edges around the finger and make the ring a daily wearable piece that can also be worn in combination with another ring.
A viewing is possible in Berlin, Germany.

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