Bundespreis Gute Form ("federal-price good form")

On the occasion of the opening of the German industry-exhibition 1969, the „Bundespreis Gute Form“ (federal-price good form) was donated for the first time through the federal-ministry of economic affairs, on stimulation of the “Rat für Formgebung”. This price was open to all products, that were expelled on the German market, and served the consumer-information simultaneously. In 1992, the „Bundespreis Gute Form“ was renamed in “Bundespreis Produktdesign” (federal-price product-design). Since the year 2002, the official design-prices “Bundespreis Produktdesign” (federal-price product-design) and “Bundespreis Förderer des Design” (federal-price sponsors of the design) were forgiven under the common name “Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (Design-price of the Federal Republic of Germany).

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