Fancy-Diamond, Fancy Intense Yellow, 1,57 ct, natural color

Weight: 1,57 ct

Cut: cushion. A rectangular cut (6,56 x 6,11 x 4,26 mm) with rounded corners, reminiscent of a cushion, usually cut with 58 facets.

Clarity: VS 2 (very small inclusions)

Color: Fancy Intense Yellow, natural color

With HRD-Certificate.

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A diamond that is clearly perceived as yellow. The colors of diamonds are the result of chemical intercalations or of a deformation of the crystal structure. They are a caprice of nature and produce infinite color variations. A yellow color is caused by intercalated nitrogen atoms. Its intensity depends on the amount and nature of these trapped trace elements. Approximately 10% of all jewelry-quality diamonds have a yellowish color. However, of this percentage, only about 0.2% are so-called “fancy” diamonds. Even more rarely diamonds show other colors like blue, pink or green. Their share is about 0.1%. The term “fancy diamond” is a color designation that is not given lightly by a recognized laboratory and may ONLY be given to natural, untreated diamonds! It is not uncommon for this color designation to be used frivolously and unjustifiably.

Uniformly monochromatic, bright and fresh colors are extremely rare in nature. The “Fancy Intense Yellow” with which the Antwerp laboratory “Hoge Raad voor Diamant” (HRD, Flemish “High Diamond Council”), respected worldwide for diamond certification, has rated this stone is a designation established according to a rating scale for natural colored diamonds. According to its definition, the intensity and saturation of this fancy color with very good clarity is clearly perceived through the top and bottom of the stone – as an intense, fresh yellow of spring. A fainter color in the fancy range would be “Light Yellow” and even weaker to light the so called “Faint Yellow” (cp. Stronger and thus more golden yellow and more autumnal are the “Fancy Vivid Yellow” and the “Canary Yellow”.

The color designation “Fancy Intense Yellow” has also been given to the famous 205.07 cts “Red-Cross Diamond”, which went for 14.2 million francs (about US$12 million) at Christie’s in Geneva on May 11, 2022. The largest yellow diamond in the world is the “Tiffany Diamond” with 287.42 cts. Both this and the famous “Red-Cross Diamond” sparkle in the most beautiful cushion cut, as does the fancy diamond offered here. A dream!

You can have the stone set by us according to all your wishes and finest demands. With your purchase you will receive, if desired, a consultation and introduction to diamond grading by Dr. Rezepa-Zabel.

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